Firefighter Apprenticeship

Fire and Service Apprenticeship fully open during Covid-19

ASTS, is an alternative End Point Assessment Organisation. Specialising in Fire and Rescue Service Apprenticeship, we are fully open for business during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Our regulated organisation, owned and operated by former fire and rescue service managers, specialise in bespoke service provision. AST Services assist fire and rescue service employers including training. We provide knowledge to develop apprentices and operational firefighters through a quality assured end point assessment (EPA) process. Proudly delivering a highly flexible service built around your local needs rather than a one size fits all approach to Operational Firefighter apprenticeship assessments.

We believe that employers and apprentices deserve the best quality products. Through this, we utilise a simple and efficient on-line EPA management system recording the journey through gateway onto independent assessment and certification. 

Our IEPA Assessing Your Apprenticeship

All ASTS Independent End Point Assessors (IEPA) hold a Level 3 Award in End Point Assessment. Assessors maintain operational competence and attend regular standardisation sessions. This ensures your personnel receive the assessment standards they and you, as the employer, deserve. AST Services offer direct feedback to all apprentices as part of our apprenticeship process. This makes a significant step forward in their careers as part of the recognition that their occupational journey deserves.

So, If our specialist service is something that you might be interested in, even out of curiosity, then contact our Lead Assessor Richard Ayears at [email protected] who will discuss your requirements and work with you to move your apprentices forward in their careers with a professional, and modern fire and rescue service. Or to learn more about our EPA find more information here.

ASTS… Firefighters for Firefighters in a modern and professional fire and rescue service

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