ASTS – Fort Amherst Halloween Horrors Event

What is Fort Amherst?            

Fort Amherst is Britain’s biggest and best preserved Napoleonic Fort, with nearly two miles of ramparts, gun positions, barracks and underground works. It was a formidable obstacle in its time. This site is also one of Kent’s most haunted locations; ghost tours take place on a regular basis as well as paranormal investigations!

How does ASTS work with Fort Amherst?

Candidates who have successfully passed their SIA Security course with ASTS are offered positions within our sister company ADV Security. ADV has provided security staff to Fort Amherst for the last 5 years ensuring the safety of the staff employed by Fort Amherst as well as the general public attending the attraction. There are lots of variables at events such as these, one of which is the health and wellbeing of visitors. As well as the provision of security staff ASTS also provides paramedic cover. This comes in the form of two ambulance technicians who can deal with any medical problem should it arise. If they cannot deal with a certain medical emergency on the spot with can stabilise a patient who can then be transported to a hospital.

Why is pre-planning is vital?

Pre-event planning clarifies the security requirements such as numbers of staff and type of security e.g. CCTV operators, door supervisors, or security guards which are needed for any event.

How can I get into the security industry and work with ADV?

The SIA (Security Industry Association) is the main organisation overseeing the UK’s security industry. It is a legal requirement to hold and SIA licence and to have completed the regulated SIA training to be able to work as a security officer in this country. At ASTS we offer the ‘Door supervisor for the private industry sector’ course, once completed, the student can then apply for this SIA licence and then work within the industry.  For more information and to book onto a course follow this link

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